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Christ-Mass shopping and the beautiful lights display on Regents Street London.

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My 21st Birthday With Billy, Ronnie and Jo Wood 

Billy and I in the 1980's madly in love. At this time we were living in New York and frequenting dive bars like "The Dug Out" a sleezy punk rock basement hang out downtown on 11th street and 3rd Avenue, to red carpert events like the MTV awards or the Grammys!

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My 21st Birthday I spent at The Cat Club in New York with Billy, Ronnie wood from the Rolling Stones and his wife Jo. The following weekend Billy and I had a fight as he had gone off with a groupie. I called Jo in tears. Being a seasoned "Rock & Roll" wife, she advised me to immediately change the locks on our apartment door and pack a bag as she was sending a limosine to bring me to the Hamptons to party with the Stones. I did exactly as she suggested, and soon forgot about the heartache".

The Betrayal

Billy, Willem and I - 1988

Billy and I were always thought of as the perfect couple. Friends would always ask me "what's your secret? how have you managed to stay together for so long"? The truth was that we were both on the road so much Billy with his tours and me with my career, we were apart  for more time than we were together!. 

My mother came to Los Angeles to meet Willem. She was staying in our old house as we still had one months lease remaining. We had just moved into our new house and Willem was only three months old. Having just placed Willem down for his lunch-time nap, we rested the baby monitor next to him by his cot, and had gone to sit out by the pool. Billy asked me what plans I had for the day, I replied I was taking my mum out later with Willem. He asked if I would be ok if he went for a ride on his Customised Harley Davidson with his friends we called "The Rude Dudes" who were his motorbike posse. Billy had terrible eye sight, and rarely rode alone. "That's fine" I replied and off he went to make a call to Art, his side kick/body guard. An ex- hairdresser from Bakersfield California. 

A few minutes later, I over heard Billy talking via the baby monitor in the nursery. "I'll pick you up around 1pm she's going out with her mum and Willem so we're ok for awhile alright baby? I'll see you then". A sick feeling began to rise from the pit of my stomach to my heart. When he returned to the pool I asked "So you called Art did you"? he replied "yes" and as the anger rose within me, trembling I shouted "so you call Art baby now do you? do you realise you made your call next to the baby monitor and I heard the whole thing"


This was to be an explosive situation... 

Photo Left:

Williem with his dad at a special screening.

Billy attended all of Willems sports events over the years.


Willem was a soccer champion in California. Billy was very proud.

The Chauffer Video

Whilst Billy and I were living in New York, I had flown to London to film a video for the Duran Duran song The Chauffer. Shot in black and white. It was very Helmut Newton style. I loved it!  Even if it was banned for being too 'outrageous'

In The Chauffer I didn't appear until the end . I  was driving a Rolls Royce and as I exited the car, I took off my cap and jacket to reveal BOOBIES!!! Never did understand what all the fuss was about as it was banned for my topless appearance. Good old Mary Whitehouse!

Invite for the infamous "Pure Sex" nightclub that I had started with Scott Taylor from The Milk Bar in Los Angeles and New York.


Hot waitresses in Lingerie!! You can't go wrong!!

Recreation of a painting by the Artist Allen Jones.

Photographer: Albert Sanchez

Fade to Grey


From an Italian T.V show called Top Pop. With Visage. After filming the show, as we were on our way back to our hotel Steve Strange pushed me and Lee into a fountain in the middle of Rome. He was jealous of me dating Lee as he had a crush on him.

Whilst in Hot Gossip a few years before I met Billy I met Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. We met on set of shooting a video and fell madly in love.

I'm Back!

Have been busy going out to all sorts of events and parties here in London and having a great time meeting old friends, and dancing the night away! London is such an exciting city with so much to do and see. So if you don't see me here daily, dont worry I'll be back with more news and snippets of the book so keep checking in.

A few events I thought I would share with you all.

At Tracey Emin's unveliling of her new work in Kingcross St Pancreas Station London on Tuesday 10th April 2018 my birthday!!. Alison, Miranda, Hannah and I- Great evening laughing it up at the champagne bar...

University of the Arts- London

Wednesday night 11th April 2018.


The fabulous Astaire with Alison and I in front of Fifi's magnificent painting.

British Artist-Tracey Emin

University of the Arts-London


One of the beautifully dressed characters at the exhibition!.

A photograph taken by Albert Sanchez during the filming of Eternity, which I co-starred in with John Voight and Armande Assante

Fab night out April 13th with Alison at the opening of Chohkti Dahni Indian restaurant near Chelsea Harbor London. Pixi Lott performed her set beautifully. The food was delicious and as always the champagne flowed much to our delight!.

Enjoying my return to London such a diverse and exciting city I forgot how fun life here can be!


Having a good laugh at the South Bank central London. With Gary Allen and Tim Wilson. Two of my oldest friends.

March 2019


Inside the Tate Modern Art Gallery. 

March 2019


At the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London. Great photographic exibition By Don McCullin. 

With Tim, Gary and Simon Edwards.

March 2019



A beautiful view from the Millenium Bridge of St Pauls Cathedral London.

March 2019

Life-Style's of The Cheap and Cheerful

Travel Tips From Perri.

How to take 13 Hours From London To France (It only takes 11 hours from London to Los Angeles California!!)

How to Pay Top Dollar  For Super Low Economy Seats.

How to Navigate the French Metro System-NOT!

It's My Birthday

Heading 3


Eddy Armani and I in Soho having a Birthday Squeeze on the corner.


Birthday Lunch with Miranda at Eat Tokyo in London which went on to champagne cocktails at the Ivy Kensington. Had too much fun to think about taking loads of pictures!

Chocolates, flowers and gifts! Ronnie and Miranda spoilt me.


It's my birthday. At Ronnies house in Windsor


My band playing in New York 1985

Note: Chris Spedding and The Fuzz Tones were my supporting bands.

I had some great musicians in my band, but because of my rebellious nature I refused to pander to the 'Harvey Weinsteinesque' advances of the A&R man...So I never got signed to a record label.


The review of our performance in Details Magazine.

Written By Steven Saben


Hammersmith Apollo - London

Went to see The Stray Cats on Thursday. They were brilliant! the crowd were rocking til the very last twang of Brian Setzers Gretch guitar. Slim Jim Phantom still living up to his name and skinny as ever.


The Play - A Criminal Sorority

Written By Mick Farren.

Johnny Rotten came to see the play and when asked by the director if he liked it he replied "people think that I'm going to say I fucking hated it, but I fucking loved it"


Above: A night out in London's West End a few weeks ago. At the beautiful historical Coliseum to see 'The Merry Widow" musical


Left: Tate Donovan as Tito Puente and myself as Shiela Velvet 'The Punkrock Poet' in the performance of 'Rythm of Torn Stars'' at the Pink in Santa Monica Los Angeles California.


Photo session with photographer Stephan Lupino. With my hairdresser the late Eric Gregg


I'm not sure what year this is from, but is was obviously a long time ago. Chris Sulivan and I are still friends. One of the best D.J's who hosts fabulous nights all over London the Groucho Club being one of my favorites.


Lady Sings The Blues

Singing a medley of  Julie London and Billie Holiday songs on my 31st birthday weekend at louis X1V Hollywood.

Mark Tyme, John and me, enjoying a wonderful night at the Piccadilly Theatre. If you haven't seen this show yet, GO!

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